Infinity Sun – Look Ten Pounds Thinner Even if You Haven’t Lost a Pound

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Now that all of that extra Holiday eating is over and your thoughts turn to getting in shape for the summer and the sun you probably wish there was an easier way than hours at the gym and dieting. What if you could look ten pounds thinner without the annoyance of diet or extra exercise? Spray tan contouring from Infinity Sun is that great alternative.

Celebrity Sunless Tan Guru and Infinity Sun CEO Veronique Munro, knows what it takes to give a sun kissed glow to her celebrity clientele that includes Jessica Alba, Jennifer Anniston, Justin Bieber, Gisele Bundchen and Kevin Costner among others. But spray tan is not only about a flawless glow, it is also the secret weapon to make you look instantly thinner!

All those models you see in bikinis on magazine covers have definitely had definition and contour sprayed on, and you can spray tan a more sculped body too. Keep in mind that you need to start with a low percentage of body fat to sculpt a six pack and for it to look realistic. However, the rest of us can still take benefit of a few optical illusions to make our bodies look slimmer and slenderer. The magic is in the application! Just think – dark clothing is minimizing, so why wouldn’t a strategic darker skin help?

Sexy tightly toned legs

The combination of the latest sunless tanning technology and a strategic mixture of shadows and highlights take spray tanning beyond basic bronzing; creating an optical illusion by contouring specific areas helping to shape arms, stomach and the front and back of legs. With the help of an experienced tanning artist working on you, the right equipment, and you in relatively shape, it’s possible to get a natural contouring and shadowing with your sunless tan! Make the insides and outsides of your legs darker than the fronts and backs, and voila… skinny legs!

Infinity Sun all-in-one sunless tanning and anti-aging skincare system delivers “instant-slim solutions by contouring body parts to create a sleek silhouette, minimize skin swells and create a thinner, toned you!

Spray tan tips:

Exfoliate: The best way to prepare for a tan (and keep it) is to exfoliate beforehand. This will get rid of dead skin cells, which makes your tan last much longer!

Spray Tan: Go and get your professional spray tan with Infinity Sun artist or use an at-home product like Infinity Sun Glow on the Go Sunless aerosol (infused with 7 essential oils, and vitamin A, E and vanilla aromatherapy). Make sure you rub in the spray on any areas that might be hard to tan evenly, like your knees and ankles.

Let it Dry: Take 5 minutes to dry and don’t wear anything too tight the day you spray. You don’t want to smudge the color!

No Showering: Wait at least 12 hours before you shower so that the color doesn’t wash off.

Hydration: This is the key to maintaining a tan. Use plenty of moisturizer to keep the skin cells healthy longer.

Touch Up: Infinity Sun Glow on the Go can be used on your face, hands and feet to even out your skin tone in between spray sessions.

About Infinity Sun:
Since inception in 2005, Infinity Sun has become known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ or ‘Apple’ of the Sunless Tanning industry. Known for delivering technology that is Best-in-Class, Infinity Sun launched the first and only “plug & spray” technology designed to be the most efficient of systems, taking the guesswork out of airbrush tanning.
Infinity Sun combines the two fastest growing industry segments: sunless tanning and high-end skincare and offers four unique spray tanning systems through which to deliver them, depending on whether the technician is a mobile spray tanner or ‘brick and mortar’ business.

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