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If you are looking for the latest and greatest products that you might not yet know, but you should, we have the list for you. From health and wellness, to what you wear from top-to-bottom, Splash Magazines Worldwide has put together some of our favorite products that you need to try in 2018.

Boody Eco Wear has created a line of odor-resistant, uv-resistant  undergarments, active-wear and baby-wear made from bamboo. Bamboo is not only abundant, sustainable and one of the fastest growing plants on earth, but it also creates some seriously comfortable material. You can feel the comfort and quality of the material from the moment you put it on and throughout the day or during your workout. From socks to leggings to cute pieces for the little one in your life, you will quickly become addicted to the great feel of bamboo.

Boody Eco Wear

The bamboo used by Boody Eco Wear is grown in regenerating forests and requires far less water than traditional cotton. Boody Eco Wear has numerous certifications so that you know exactly what type of bamboo you are getting each product and that care that goes into each product. The bamboo that Boody Eco Wear uses does not contribute to natural habitat loss or destruction, SGS performs independent tests on their products to validate what is on each label and the literally goes on and on. For more information, visit: Boody Eco Wear

Noniko has an amazing healthy deodorant, their Magic Deodorant, which is aluminum and paraben-free. Natural deodorants are becoming more popular as the people are becoming more aware of how important it is to know what you are putting on your skin. While Noniko has a great list of healthy ingredients, the best part of the deodorant is that it actually works. Some natural deodorants have a great ingredient list, but don’t quite work in one way or another. Noniko applies smoothly and does the job of keeping you odor-free all day long. Noniko also created the unique Boob Balm, which is an all-natural, super smooth moisturizing blend was made to be used daily for breast health and beauty. It easily glides over skin like an oil, yet absorbs like a lotion, making it an incredible enticing staple in your daily beauty ritual. All Noniko products provide; clean beauty, clean body and clean conscience. For more information, visit: Noniko

Noniko Magic Deodorant

If you have ever been at the beach or on a trip and taken a dip into pool, that wet swimming suit is always a problem at the end of the day. Wander Wet Bags has solved that dilemma with their stylish wet swimsuit bags with waterproof lining. Water resistant and eco-friendly, these wet bikini bags will keep your swimsuit, yoga outfit or any other wet item separate from everything else. It also makes for a great place to keep your phone and other sensitive items dry and sand-free, as well as hidden in your beach bag. Wander Wet Bags™ are also Made in the USA, locally designed in Encinitas, California. For more information, visit: Wander Wet Bags

Wander Wet Bags

Oka-B is more than a line of shoes, it’s a lifestyle. Oka-B didn’t just go solely for fashion they always felt comfort was just as important, bring the two together in every pair of shoes. With Oka-B you can choose from ballet flats, wedges, sandals and flip flops and while they are all stylish and come in seemingly endless colors and styles, you will notice immediately how the design of the shoe is meant for comfort. Currently you can try the new Georgia matte flats that are available with limited edition prints. This line gets the name from where these Made in the USA shoes are created, Georgia. For more information, visit: Oka-B

Oka-B Shoes

The latest supplement to come from Youtheory is the Youtheory® Spore Probiotic. While probiotics and their benefits have become increasingly popular, not all probiotics are created equal. Youtheory uses three of the most widely researched spore probiotics, which are simply a better way to replenish the body’s microflora as well as offering multiple advantages over traditional probiotic preparations. For more information, visit: Youtheory®


If you are looking for that perfect on-the-go, nutritious and tasty meal, meet Huel. Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food that contains all the proteins, carbs, and fats you need, plus at least 100% of the FDA’s ‘Daily Values’ of all 27 essential vitamins and minerals. Huel gives you the best of all worlds, high protein (148g per 2,000 calories), low in sugar and it is vegan and it has a shelf-life of 12 months. For more information, visit: Huel


Goddess Garden, well known for their Natural Sunscreen lotion made with plant-based ingredients and natural minerals, recently introduced skincare products that are also made without the harsh chemicals that are found in traditional bath and cosmetic products. One of these great new products is the Goddess Garden Day Undone – Softening Night Serum that helps counter the wrinkles, dark spots and rough skin that comes from sun damage. For more information, visit: Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden

Comrad Compression Socks recently introduced their stylish and high quality compression socks that will benefit anyone who is sitting, walking, standing, running, or flying. While compression stockings are made in a variety of support levels, Comrad uses 15-20mmHg a.k.a.” the sweet spot” because it’s a level of compression that benefits anyone who is on their feet for long periods of time or travels but is not considered a medical device or product. For more information, visit Comrad

Comrad Compression Socks

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