Golden Road Aquatics – Beer and Swimming a Match Made in Water

Beer and swimming both revolve around water so bringing the two together to create Golden Road Aquatics seemed like a perfect combination. Golden Road Aquatics was founded in 2015 by Mike Lucero, President and Head Swim Coach, and Meg Gill, co-owner of the Golden Road Brewery and it took off quickly from there.

Mike had been in swimming for years, whether it was swimming himself or coaching at various levels. He was training partners with Meg for years and always had a dream of starting his own team in Burbank and then Meg approached him and asked about Golden Road sponsoring the team and the partnership was born.

“Golden Road Aquatics started with ten people in March of 2015. It’s all levels and ages, ranging from 18 to 76 and beginners to Olympic trial swimmers,” Mike said. While you might see Ryan Lochte in the pool or Golden Road Aquatics gear, this group is for all levels of swimmers.

“It’s a coached and organized workout, about 60-70% of people compete, then some people just come for the workout and it is all levels,” Mike said. “We are not just about competition, people who might have hip, knee or back injuries, they are finding relief in the water. A lot of physical therapy is in water and we find it helps with anxiety and confidence. It just can help in their lives in general.”

If you are looking to improve your swimming or want to try this as a workout, Golden Road Aquatics makes it very easy. A new swimmer can observe and see how things go during a workout and then from their they can do a trial swim and Mike can walk them through a workout. You can get a one-on-one assessment as Mike and his staff do everything to make sure they are not uncomfortable.

“Two to three times per year at regionals and nationals, all the entries get a case of beer. Twice a year have as many as 80 swimmers compete for us at nationals and Golden Road provided a case of beer for each swimmer,” Mike said. “We had shirts made up that on the front it said “Golden Road Aquatics” and on the back it said “You should see us swim sober.”

Golden Road Aquatics is supported by the following partners. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we depend on businesses, donors, volunteers and community partnerships to offer the best possible swimming instruction, fitness and training programs possible. Financial support is always appreciated, but donations of services and/or goods go a long way as well. Golden Road Aquatics offers access to a large membership and public opportunities to promote your company through signage, advertisement, give-aways, website recognition, e-blasts, and more.

Founded by Meg Gill and USA National Swim Team coach Mike Lucero, this swim club offers workouts, personalized coaching, and yoga classes for members across all swim levels. Members can take advantage of 20% off at any of our sponsor Golden Road Brewery locations and receive a free case of Golden Road brew for entering into a competitive meet.

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