In Conversation with Tami Jones – Chasing Her Dream

Tami Jones in concert
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Life is about living in the moment – connecting mind, body’ and soul. Often times we as humans struggle within our lives.  We have fear and doubt about going after our dreams and end up feeling unfulfilled. My next Q&A is with a woman that has jumped into full gear chasing her dream. Here is conversation with the very talented, beautiful singer Tami Jones. 

Tami Jones

David:  What got you to get into singing?

Tami: I didn’t just get into singing – it was in me from the beginning. My mom said I was singing before I was talking. Not singing would be like not breathing. 

David: How would you describe your album  “Velvet & Steel?”

Tami: The album is reflective of the title. Powerful and Vulnerable.
It’s a timeless album that takes a passionate journey to a lot of places. This album doesn’t compromise. We aren’t trying to fit neatly here or there. We wanted to make an album that you could listen to from start to finish, full of emotion, touching on soul, rock, disco, pop, jazz, and blues. It allows me to express the way I feel regardless of genre. It’s been amazing that every
song is someone’s favorite! It was an incredible collaborative, creative process working with Bobby [Braddock] and the phenomenal musicians.

David: Can you remember the first time you sang for an audience?

Tami: I was 3 1/2 years old in front of my entire church. My mother thought I had a gift even as a toddler.

David: Who gave you the support to keep singing in the beginning of your career? Who did you play the early songs for?

Tami Jones

Tami: My mom and my dad. Just endless love and support. Sadly, they’ve passed away. Then my husband and family. Also, my producer, my team and beloved friends across the world. I’m truly, truly blessed. I moved to Nashville with a cassette tape of me sounding like Patsy Cline in my pocket and my baby on my hip. I sang on the sidewalks of Nashville for anyone that passed by. I eventually sang inside a club where people would come for lunch. Bobby Braddock heard me and eventually asked me to drop by a tape at his office. I started working as a demo singer after that.

David: What do you feel like when you sing one of your songs and people applaud? Is it an affirmation?

Tami: I love it when people are moved by music. It’s the best feeling in the world when people say, “You gave me chills” or “that me cry.”

David: If you weren’t a singer what would you chose for a career?

Tami: Obviously I love adventure and excitement — I’m still in the music business. But I grew up in Tornado Alley, Oklahoma, and my favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. I would be definitely be a tornado chaser. Coincidently, Bobby wrote a number one song about me called “Texas Tornado” because of my fascination with them.

David: What has been your biggest obstacle as a singer?

Tami: I guess in this business is to convince the powers that be to look past quick trends, copycat artists and to take chances on great artists.

David: Whose music are you a fan of?

Tami: Favorite bands: EWF and Rolling Stones Singers: Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Lady Gaga. She’s really talented.

Tami Jones

David: Who would you like to collaborate with musically? 

Tami: As much as I love to sing jazz, soul and blues, I love to rock out on stage. My wish list is Heart, Paul Rodgers, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Perry, and of course Earth, Wind and Fire.

David: June is pride month for the people in the LGBTQ community. Will you be celebrating?

Tami: I sure will! The celebration of Pride has been a long time coming, and we are still needing to stop the bigotry. I’m the proud mom to my fabulous son and his fabulous husband. Love is love! I can’t wait to wear my t-shirt “Fight like a mother” by HRC.

David: What is your message to all the readers?

Tami: Ah … when you have 53 minutes, give my album a play from start to finish. I can’t wait to hear which track you like best.

Photo credit: Randee St. Nicholas

Tami Jones
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  1. Truly powerful music! I still cry when I hear the last song…and I’ve heard the entire album many times.

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