A Heavenly Cruise – Day 2, Catalina

Catalina Harbor
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As we began our 26- mile journey to not so far off Catalina, California we were treated to a magnificent sunset on the Pacific Ocean.  But beyond that spectacular vision there was a never ending and vast variety of things to do aboard our amazing ship the Inspiration. Food was abundant, delicious  and available at multiple locations around the ship . There was also a staggering amount of entertainment in multiple venues including never ending dancing from a stage right between great food and a beautiful swimming pool.  In other words, it was impossible to be bored or hungry. Our two daughters, Kimberly and Kari found and joined in karaoke, our granddaughter, Somaya, found a TV channel she enjoyed a lot and my wife and I did some significant ship crawling.  Eventually, we went to sleep and when we awoke there we were right in the harbor of Catalina.  

Carnival Inspiration Suite

So, what to do in Catalina?  Turns out there is a lot to do in Catalina only in my case I have pretty much done it all because for many years I would fly my Cessna Cardinal to Catalina on a fairly regular basis and enjoy most of what the wonderful island has to offer.  But Carnival has taken it to the next step, plus neither my two daughters nor my granddaughter had experienced Catalina in the way I did, so beyond simply walking around and enjoying the scenery what are the options?

Catalina airport

You can take a three quarters of a mile zip line ride 300 feet above the ground and at speeds up to 45 miles per hour.  This folks is a true thrill and one you won’t soon forget. But for my time and my money I prefer the undersea adventure.  Well, actually, you will be under the sea but still fully enclosed aboard the boat so no SCUBA qualifications are required and you won’t even get wet.  What you will do is look through the glass at an astonishing array of magnificent sea creatures including sea lions, seals and sharks.  

Swimming pools are an Inspiration

Other options at Catalina include a kayak expedition and a visit to the botanical gardens.  But for a truly amazing thrill ride you might also consider parasailing. There you will be a couple hundred feet above and behind a power boat sailing serenely through the sky over the ocean below and it offers a view you will remember and cherish forever..  

And, sure, it is true you don’t need to be on a Carnival Cruise to participate in any of these Catalina adventures.. But Carnival Cruise Line does guarantee that you will get the best price for any or all of these adventures. You also have the advantage of being able to sign up for a particular tour on the ship further expediting your fun.  That way you can do it all for the best possible price and with pretty much zero complications or hassle, which only serves to amplify the fun.  

Catalina from the air

But sooner or later you will want to return to the ship, and that is fine because you will once again  have available to you vast quantities of awesome food to fully replenish your body. Take your pick. The Blue Iguana Cantina, Brasserie Bar & Grill, Carnivale Dining Room, Cherry On Top, Grand Buffet [my favorite], Guy’s Burger Joint, Pizzeria, Taste Bar, Deli and Mardi Gras Dining Room {another favorite thanks largely to Julio and Aldwin].  And there are a few others as well but I leave those for you to find as part of your adventure at sea.  

One of many night time activities

Tomorrow my beautiful bride and I will reaffirm our vows after 35 wonderful years of marriage.  Unofficially officiating will be our dear friend and neighbor Shirley. But for now, it was time to relax unless , of course, you happen to be our two lovely young daughters Kari and Kimberly.  They headed out to participate in karaoke – again. But there are many options always available on board and you can always find something to make you happy by checking the daily “FUN TIMES” pamphlet that lists all events scheduled for each day. And  now, it is time to hoist anchor and sail away to our next destination Ensenada, Mexico, Pleasant dreams and may the sea stay calm.  

A crab – and NO not me

All photos:  Ron Irwin 

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