ESports – The New Game in Town

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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of games such as Fortnight, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, League of Legends, and so on. These games have brought mass popularity to the world of egaming and esports in general.

Contrary to what some might believe, egaming is not reserved for the vitamin-D deprived teens in their damp bedrooms. Over recent years, esports has accumulated a following. You’ve likely heard of etournaments. These are tournaments that have thousands of fans attending and millions more streaming online.

Photo by Anthony Brolin (free image on Unsplash)

Online gaming has become a billion-dollar business, and the worth is only set to go up. Stats show more than a quarter of people have played a game on their mobile device. Additionally, about half of people aged between 16 and 24 watch or have watched esports.

In case you think you’re too old for esports, don’t be mistaken. More than 5 % of people aged 45-65 also follow esports.

For successful esports players, the field offers a big payout. For instance, players such as Kuro Takhasomi and Anathan Pham have earned around $6.2 and $4.15 million, respectively.

How can you benefit from esports?

As with many things, most people are concerned with the bottom line. Other than entertaining the fans, esports also offer an opportunity for the gambler and betting enthusiast.

Whether you’re used to physically staking baccarat and slot machines at casinos or virtual betting on card games at top betting sites such as Comeon Casino, you can increase your odds by betting on esports.

While relatively new, esports betting has picked up comparatively fast. In 2015, 315 million dollars was wagered in esports. In 2018, the number had exponentially grown to over 7 billion dollars. The amount is set to double by 2020.

Useful Esports Betting Tips

Now that you’ve seen how profitable egaming can be, you must be wondering what you need to learn to start earning big.

Here are three tips to help you become an egaming betting guru.

1. Take your time researching

As any seasoned gambler will tell you, one of the critical steps to staking your bet is to carry out proper research on the teams you’re betting for and against. Esports is no different, there are multiple gaming genres, and it’s easy to get swept away by the popular ones.

Instead of placing your stake in a random game, go through the various games and pick two or three that appeal to you. Then, look up the history of these games, the rules, the most prominent teams, and so forth.

While still learning esports betting, better to steer away from general analytics and other people’s opinions. You probably know some outlets give false predictions harboring ulterior motives.

Once you have done extensive research, you can then make an informed decision.

2. Choose a betting platform

Today, there are hundreds of egames betting websites. Before you start betting on the first one you find, do some shopping.

If you have friends who bet on esports, get advice from them. See why they choose specific platforms.

Ideally, have a shortlist of five betting sites that stand out for you. Then, go over each of these websites carefully. Some of the information you want to check out includes;

  • Their betting licenses
  • Their terms and conditions
  • Reviews from past users
  • Withdrawal procedures and policies
  • Promotions and bonuses offered
  • Restricted countries

After going through each of these for the websites you had shortlisted, you’ll likely get a favorite site, and you can start there. At the same time, always be on the lookout for any changes on the website or other sites that might encourage or discourage you from moving betting platforms.

3. Start small and scale

You probably feel like a betting genius at this point. However, any wise gambler will advise you to always to start thoughtfully.

Staking $300 for the first time on a team you’ve never heard of may not be the smartest decision. You can start with a few dollars and expand over time.

First, boost your confidence and hands-on betting skills, then start scaling. Sure, some gamblers advise you double or triple your stake if you lose, but this may not be for when you’re starting.

As the famous saying goes, “You don’t test the depths of a river with both feet while taking a risk.”

At the end of the day, it’s key to realize esports betting is here to stay. The market is only growing bigger. Don’t be left behind; these three simple yet effectual tips will help you become a pro bettor at esports.


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