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It is time for an adventure. During Shelter at Home Directives and Essential Worker Schedules, we long to go anywhere other than grocery stores, big box behemoths, hardware entities and work. We are tired of queuing up for fast-food pick-ups, curbside delivery and drive-in services. Otherworld’s Theatre Company’s Action Roleplay game production company, Moonrise LARP Games is affording you an opportunity to leave this mundane reality behind. LARP is an acronym from the 1990’s meaning Live Action Role Play. You become an actor who flies off to new worlds in a virtual outer space. On Wednesday, April 29, 2020 through May 27, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. CST for a nominal fee of $35.00 per episode which includes a free training and introduction session on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. through Zoom video conferencing. You can purchase a whole series ticket for $150.00. Full information and tickets can be found at this link: valha11alarp.com

Captains of VALHA11A’S Ships Cast (clockwise from top left): Bree Patterson, Bill Gordon, Gaby Martineau, Katy Crow, Kellen Marie Robinson, and Aiyanna Wade

This is Moonrise LARP Game’s first virtual LARP. They have had outstanding success with in-person LARP events engaging players world-wide. Great successes for Moonrise include the magical, Albion: School of Sorcery, the Gothic horror of Dark Labyrinth, and its most popular, long-running, high fantasy-game, Chronicles of the Realm. VALHA11A is a virtual science-fiction story that takes place in the outer world of space Vikings. As with all their productions, Moonrise Larp Games is committed to continuing to offer its patrons high-quality, memorable, engaging, personalized moments in immersive drama, even in digital form.


Consider becoming an actor who creates your own character, chooses your own spaceship, and joins other crews to complete vital missions. In this Zoom digital conferencing medium you will be entering a new world beside an (inter) stellar of ensemble actors portraying non-player characters. The non-playing actors represent Captains, Artificially Intelligent Computers (AI) and fellow crew members traveling in Spaceships. The actors are Aiyanna Wade, Katy Croe, Gaby Martineau, Bill Gordon, Rachel Spatz, Kellen Marie Robinson, Coco Kasperowicz, Amanda Rose Hartley Villareal, Brian Bush, Bella Poynton, Bree Patteron, Olivia Sieck, Katie Ruppert & Lana Whittington-Whigham. Your Game Master and Founder, Tiffany Keane Schaefer espouses the belief: “I am proud of the innovative work my team is doing to combine technology, experience, and immersive storytelling. I am excited to offer an adventure from home to our patrons who have been stuck inside with no creative outlet.”


A brief summary of VALHA11A is the story similar to the Vikings of ancient times. They were skilled navigators sailing the seas as explorers, looking for new lands and eventually as heroes achieving eternal rest in Valhalla. The Vikens of VALHA11A are similarly skilled, but instead grew up on rusty, claustropobic, fallen into desuetude, Freye Space Station. You, as a player, have trained until this time to complete The Grand Rite. This is a sacred tradition of Vikens. You are now to test the skills you have arduously learned by traversing the Midgar Sector to a final Odyssey. Vikens, are an ancient race, known for advance prowess in sailing and navigational skills among the stars. If proved worthy they are permitted to reach VALHA11A, the shining capital, and center of diplomacy for commerce in the nine sectors. Here High King Harald, of VALHA11A, leads the worthy among you to glory.

Winner: “Best New Theatre Company” Chicago Reader’s “Best of Chicago 2016”

For other productions please contact: www.OtherworldTheatre.org

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