Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020- Gifts to Keep Him Going

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The Hero Pin

The Hero Pin was founded by Lori Livacich on the idea that frontline workers need to be honored and recognized, now more than ever due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. These pins are made to spark more people to stop and say, “thank you” to healthcare, grocery, pharmacy, delivery, maintenance, and security workers, amongst many others. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization that works to provide children, families, and seniors with healthy meals year-round. The Hero Pins’ driving force is to spread awareness and gratitude on behalf of the deserving essential workers right now. For more information about The Hero Pin and its incredible work, visit the buy now link below.

$4.99 Buy now!

Home and Outdoors

Skyroam Solis Lite 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot

Skyroam Solis Lite 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot is the simple way to solve WiFi worries. Fast, 4G LTE speeds and 25 frequency bands offer a more reliable and secure connection in 130+ countries.

It’s an easy set-up via the Solis WiFi Mobile App, no SIMs are needed, and customers can simply register and choose their WiFi (pay-as-you-go or subscribe). Finally, activate and share on up to 10 connected devices at once. 

$119.99/£119.99/€139.99 Buy now!

Tranya B530 Pro

The Tranya B530 Pro is loaded with premium features. It is powered by  Qualcomm® aptX™ codec that delivers the highest sound quality and lets you get most our of music by hearing even the smallest details. The advanced Qualcomm chip set provides a stable Bluetooth connection and ensures audio streaming with fewer dropouts.

The titanium-coated dynamic driver provides rich dynamic sound while adding a bass punch. There is also noise cancellation technology which suppresses background noises and brings advance audio enhancements to ensure the best call quality. The noise cancellation technology also lets you enjoy more of your favorite music. The B530 Pro supports up to 10 hours of continuous audio streaming on a full charge, with 80 hours of total playtime with the portable charging case. It is waterproof and sweat proof.

$69.99 Buy now!


What dad doesn’t love beer. For Father’s Day, a bottle or can just doesn’t cut it, so let your dad enjoy fresh beer all year long by getting him a TrailKeg. The truth is, beer almost always tastes better on draft versus from a can or bottle. Let’s take a look at why beer tastes better on draft and why Trailkeg gives you that same experience. Beer has enemies, namely light, heat, oxygen, and in some cases time.  Beer stored in kegs has rarely seen the light of day, same as with cans.  Bottles however block some light but not all.  Advantage, kegs and cans. When it comes to oxygen draft beer and cans both do well to keep oxygen away from the beer until it is poured.  Due to the way bottles are filled and capped, a small amount of oxygen can get in.  Advantage, kegs and cans. Kegged beer is almost always kept cold right up until its poured into your glass.  Cans and bottles on the other hand spend plenty of time in storage that isn’t temperature controlled. Advantage kegs. What makes draft beer taste different?  It primarily comes down to 2 things,  Freshness and carbonation.  Most kegs don’t spend much time in storage and make it to the tap room quickly. Plus a good tap room or bar takes great care to ensure their taps are kept fresh and rotated frequently.  This is especially important for hop driven beer like IPAs, APAs, and double IPAs. The hop oils and aromas degrades over time and these beer styles are best enjoyed within 30 days of being brewed.

$49.99-$99.99 Buy now!

Uncanny Brands Introduces Marvel Captain America Popcorn Maker

Uncanny Brands, the leader in pop culture licensed small appliances, takes on another Marvel icon with the Captain America Popcorn Maker. This healthy, hot air popper transforms Cap’s shield into the lid of the machine. The lid is removable and doubles as a colorful serving bowl. An inner plastic cup measures the perfect serving of corn and warms butter.

This perfect companion for watching all of your favorite Marvel Captain America and Avengers movies is available now, exclusively on Amazon.

$49.99  Buy now!

Old Abe by John Cribb

Old Abe is the story of the last five years of Abraham Lincoln’s life, the most cataclysmic years of our nation’s history. It begins in the spring of 1860 in Illinois and follows Lincoln through his election and the calamity of the Civil War to his untimely death at the height of his power. Readers are at Lincoln’s side on every page in epic scenes from American history—from his signing the Emancipation Proclamation to his delivering the Gettysburg Address, and his travels to the battlefields like Antietam, Gettysburg, Fort Stevens and Petersburg.

The novel also portrays little-known details of Lincoln’s presidency. There’s the night he tries to dash inside the blazing White House stables to save his sons’ ponies from burning to death; the afternoon he rushes to Mary Lincoln’s bedside after she’s thrown from her carriage in an act of sabotage; and his narrow escape from a would-be assassin’s bullet (yes, there were multiple attempts). As William Bennett says in the book’s forward, “We are with him for every blow and triumph of his journey and come to know his heart and soul as he fights to save the Union.”

$28.00 Pre-order now!

Metro by EcoVessel

This Father’s Day, fuel all of Dad’s summer adventures with EcoVessel’s line-up of TriMax® triple-insulated water bottles, tumblers and growlers.  From backyard cocktails to remote mountain adventures, EcoVessel’s versatile lineup of high-performance, insulated drinkware makes the perfect gift for any dad this Father’s Day. And with EcoVessel’s 100-year warranty, these gifts are sure to make dad smile for a lifetime. 

EcoVessel creates premium hydration bottles, mugs, and tumblers that blend style and performance with a mission to reduce single-use plastics. Their products are designed with industry leading TriMax® Triple Insulation and can be found in over 20 countries. EcoVessel is committed to sustainability and is a proud member of 1% for the Planet that donates 5% of online sales to various environmental charities.

$24.95 Buy now!

Food and Drink

Premium Father’s Day Gift Set

Celebrate Dad with a delicious meat and cheese Father’s Day gift! Tucked inside a signature designed box is a collection of favorite flavors like Signature Beef Summer Sausage, Smooth & Sharp Cheddar Blend and Horseradish Blend cheeses, Belgian Ale and Spicy Sriracha Mustards, and Golden Toasted Crackers to stack up the perfect bite! Country Archer Original and Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Everything Seasoned Mixed Nuts add bold, zesty flavor to this gift. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways let Dad indulge his sweet tooth, and the Father’s Day ribbon adds a special touch. 

To help make shopping for Father’s Day gifts easy, accessible, and delicious, America’s favorite food gift retailer, Hickory Farms, is unveiling its Father’s Day 2020 Gift Collection which includes a variety of fun and mouth-watering gift ideas for dads that can be shipped directly to him.

$57.99 Buy now! 

Salami Bouquet

7 oz Original Dry Salami,7 oz Three Pepper Dry Salami,7 oz Truffle Dry Salami

Moms get flowers for Mother’s Day, so why not give Dad a bouquet he really wants?  The salami bouquet pairs three of Hickory Farms’ famous dry salamis—one each of Original Dry Salami, Three Pepper Dry Salami, and Truffle Dry Salami, all festively wrapped in red tissue paper and accented with a ribbon. 

To help make shopping for Father’s Day gifts easy, accessible, and delicious, America’s favorite food gift retailer, Hickory Farms, is unveiling its Father’s Day 2020 Gift Collection which includes a variety of fun and mouth-watering gift ideas for dads that can be shipped directly to him.

$42.99 Buy now! 

Monkey 47 Gin

Monkey 47 Gin is an ultra premium gin made with a unique combination of 47 botanicals – and the perfect way to give dad some much needed R&R after a long day! (Afterall, how many socks does one need?) Let us help you make your dad’s day special with Monkey 47 Gin! Below you’ll find a list of cocktail recipes that are guaranteed to hit the spot and will make this Father’s Day one-of-a-kind.

This internationally-awarded gin is produced in Germany’s Black Forest, and has garnered a cult following among top mixologists and gin enthusiasts because of its unique combination of 47 botanicals – creating a diverse, complex flavor unlike any other gin! 

$39.99 Buy now!

Father’s Day Foodie Kit

Year after year stores display the same old Father’s Day gifts, from “world’s greatest dad” mugs to generic socks and ties. While these are typically safe options, why not try something new for dear old dad?

Modern-day convenience store, Foxtrot put together curated gift boxes that add a twist on dad’s age-old favorites and available for delivery. 

Father’s Day Foodie Kit- Wine & Snacks- 

  • Les Deux Moulins, Pinot Noir
  • Tony’s Chocolonely – Milk Chocolate 32%
  • RIND Snacks – Straw-Peary Blend
  • Carol’s Cookies – Chocolate Chip
  • Lillie’s Q Kettle Chips – Hot Pepper Vinegar

$30 Buy now! 

Just the Cheese®!

Savory and crunchy, Just the Cheese® is 100% Wisconsin baked cheese. Available in bars and mini bites, they are naturally low in carbs, gluten-free and only 75 calories per bar. While most “cheese crisps” are air-dried, Just the Cheese® is oven baked, which caramelizes the cheese, resulting in a cheesier flavor and crunchier texture.

Just the Cheese® will satisfy your audience’s cravings anywhere or at any altitude. Not only will it fill them up, but it’s lightweight and easy to carry, making it a perfect snack for hiking, camping, or just lounging at the beach. No refrigeration required!

$9.95 + Buy now!

Fashion and Beauty

Jesse Spitzer Polo Shirts and Ties

The newly launched Jesse Spitzer brand is an online boutique for men who enjoy the finer things in life. They produce high-quality staple wardrobe pieces such as polo shirts and 100% silk ties handcrafted in Italy. 

Jesse Spitzer Premium Pique Polo Shirts are 100% cotton and have mother of pearl buttons that add a special touch of quality. Additionally, quality pays off when they survive multiple washes and won’t fade. So dad can make this his go-to shirt for summer! The polos come in a range of colors and retail for $85.  

Jesse Spitzer 100% Silk Ties are handcrafted in Italy and are the ultimate symbol of elegance. To ensure quality, the ties are cut on a bias for a great drape, have a wool interlining, slip stitch, and bar tack. The ties come in a range of fun prints and patterns to spice up dad’s tie game and retail for $95 

$85 – $95 Buy now!

TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush

This year give Dad the gift of a better skincare routine with the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush.

The TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush comfortably cleanses using powerful rotational technology more capable than manual washing to remove everything from dirt to makeup to environmental debris and dead skin. Its spinning motion, combined with silky soft bristles thoroughly sweep through pores to safely dislodge dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. Plus the TAO Clean Base Station self-cleans and charges the brush head while also protecting it from environmental contaminants allowing the brush to be ready when needed.  The dock utilizes a built in 360-degree Halo Lamp kills 99.9% of germs and pathogens with UV-C light, making each brush head last longer.

I’ve included a couple photos below for reference as well as a link to its availability on Amazon. For more information about visit TAO Clean products online.

$73.13 Buy now!

Inden est.1582

Unique and premium deerskin leather wallets and accessories, handmade in Japan for over 400 years.

INDEN brand’s story goes back to 1582 when they started creating armor leather decorations for the Samurai warriors. Since then they continued to make high-end fashion accessories, keeping their traditional technique of applying natural wooden lacquer over a premium deerskin leather. The deerskin is light and soft, and become smoother to the touch the more it is used. The lacquer protects the leather and gives the design a unique, hand-pressed pattern that makes every INDEN product truly one-of-a-kind.

Some of the most popular items include business card cases, folding wallets, pen cases, and more. Each product is available in an array of different styles and patterns and is handmade by skilled Japanese artisans who pass their knowledge to the next generation. Currently, offer free shipping over $80.

$70 + Buy now!


BOTA™ is on a mission to provide gentle, yet effective skincare that’s free of harsh chemicals. They’ve identified the best elements nature has to offer for your skin and created a plant-based skincare line enhanced with CBD.

All BOTA™ products are infused with the highest quality hemp oil derived from non-GMO hemp grown in the U.S. through natural farming practices.

$15 + Buy now!

Outlaw Soaps

Outlaw Soaps are formulated with an all-vegan combination of oils that is both delightfully sudsy in the shower and leaves your skin silky smooth. Outlaw creates scent profiles that include whiskey, campfire, clean laundry and fresh grass. This personal care purveyor puts the “Yippee Ki Yay” back in your day with soap, lotion, body wash, deodorant, cologne and more; all made in the USA.

$10 + Buy now!

*Photos courtesy of respective companies

*Feature image by Mockaroon on Unsplash


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