Go Green Wilmette Sustainable Yard Tour – Available on the Go Green Wilmette’s YouTube Channel

Go Green Wilmette Sustainable Yard Tour 2018, Photo: B.Keer
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In the new world of Covid-19 there is distancing and there is a new kind of opportunity.  In its eighth year,  Go Green Wilmette Sustainable Yard Tour became an online event. Under the guidance of Saima Abbasi, Go Green Wilmette Board member, the virtual tour of four sustainable Wilmette gardens become available via the internet.  This  year there is no limit of day, time, weather or transportation.  Fortunately, there is still the opportunity to be awed, to enjoy and to continue to learn and be inspired.  With gratitude, Splash Magazines Worldwide can share local gardens in a new way.

The opportunity to view the sustainable yards has been not only a delight but an inspiration.  Three of the four videos that comprise the tour for 2020 speak to the host having been inspired to enhance their gardens as the result of what they saw on tour.

The first harvest in the edible garden, Photo: B. Keer

I have also been inspired by the tours and am so glad that the videos continue to provide a reason to be awed and inspired, if differently than the inperson tours. Each year, I have been inspired to make changes and though my changes are on a smaller scale than those of the videos you will see, I, too, have delighted in seeing more Monarch butterflies and hummingbirds.

Go Green Wilmette offers Videos of four amazing sustainable yards are available for you to enjoy. 

The virtual tours, starring our Wilmette yard hosts, highlight the many diverse and eco-friendly features of each garden like native plants, compost systems, edible gardens, and water features. Be inspired by interesting stories and beautiful images!

selective focus photography of brown and black butterfly flying near blooming purple petaled flowers
Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

Don’t be surprised to find yourself inspired and enhancing your garden. What the videos offer are unique and creative ways to use the elements of a sustainable yard in different spaces and varying elements. All the videos offer an enjoyable experience.

Basia’s garden will charm you

Joel’s Yard has so much to share

Nick’s Yard has a great approach

Enjoy Zarski’s Yard

Beth Drucker, Go Green Wilmette President, and the Go Green Wilmette Board provide ongoing activities directed toward making the world a better place, more sustainable, healthier, happier. Check them out.

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