WOMANISH Exhibition – An Exploration of Identity and Perspectives

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Look at what is coming to Chicago, finally. In Spring of 2020, the highly anticipated pop up exhibit  “WOMANISH” was scheduled to open its doors but was postponed due to COVID 19. Following the halt, founders Danyelle & Dionna Gray have continued to reinvent the space and put its finishing touches on the new and improved installation. According to Forbes.com “They see WOMANISH as more than an exhibition. To them, it is a cultural movement.” On Thursday September 3rd, WOMANISH will open its doors to the public following specific COVID guidelines to ensure a safe and culturally energetic experience. Located in the heart of downtown 114 S. State St., WOMANISH is not just another pop-up, WOMANISH is an exploration of identity and perspectives of women and gender non-confirming people and a movement that creates progressive visual and physical experiences. 

Attendees can expect to enter into a ticketed exhibition composed of multiple, exploratory room activations, where each of the experiences represent an identifying factor of womanhood from various perspectives. In a space imagined and built by womxn, WOMANISH is for everyone–however, they identify–to encounter, contemplate, and connect with some component of the unique installations.

EXHIBIT ARTISTS: The exhibit will bring together and highlight the work of local, national, and international artists:

● Amanda Harth created a light installation promoting public safety for womxn at night.

● Angela Palomba and Indra Andrekhak pushed the boundary for womxn in the hospitality industry and adding charm to the 1950’s era diner entrance.

● Ariana Bailey created photo-worthy installations that comment on the connection between fantasy and reality; sanity and normality in “Moodyish”.

● Armani Barron (NYC) curated art direction of the Selfish Salon, with her own custom-designed elements.

● Brianna Beckham curated and designed a printed collage mural bringing contemporary direction to advertising, ensuring women of color are present among old school advertising tactics in “Consumerish”.

● Claudia Chanhoi (Hong Kong) created original artwork printed on canvas featured in “Censoredish”.

● Jae Rice created a custom soundscape for each concepted “ISH”.

● Jane Georges produced a lot of the scenic elements throughout the entire venue via her newly launched female-owned creative production company.

● Jasmine Petersen painted a custom mural in the Selfish Salon.

● Katelyn Patton designed an installation in “Fleurish”.

● Nina Palomba painted a mural in the 1950’s diner entrance.

● Pariss Garner created an interactive mirror installation of affirmations.

● Tyler Clark hung an original one-of-a-kind mixed media paintings in the Selfish Lobby.

● Lily McLaughlin photographed a group of Chicagoans for the 55’ vinyl banner that has dropped on the venue’s exterior.

● Madee Moran illustrated coloring book walls in “Childish”.

● Emily Dahlquist curated the overall creative direction of the entire experience and its concepts, as well as the curation of 30-days of programming presented by WOMANISH.

Tickets are on sale. Attendees can expect to enter into a ticketed exhibition composed of multiple exploratory room activations; in a space imagined and built by womxn. The concepts are produced as large room activations, intimate installation experiences, pathways, transitions, all with curated special programming and artist.

Photos are courtesy of WOMANISH.


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