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Terrace V. White and Son
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Family can be the greatest gift given by God, if you allow it to be. Terrace V. White retired from the United States Air Force and accepted the parenting role of being a single father for his beloved son. Years later, he was honored in 2008 as Gene Ackers Father of the Year Award in Henrico County, Virginia and recently became an International Best-Selling author of an inspiring book, “Parenting Memoir: From the Heart of a Single Father!”, Pearly Gates Publishing.

Official Review: Parenting Memoir by Terrace V. White –

Master Sergeant Terrace V. White, United States Air Force (Retired, 2000)

It was a heroic achievement of a single father taking the responsibility of raising a child during the 90’s. I was curious about how his son felt about his father writing a book. Terrace proudly said, “Both my son and daughter were excited when I told them that I was writing a book. I didn’t tell them what kind of book, so they were surprised to see it was a parenting book; and to find out they were my inspiration and motivation to finish the project. They joked about me becoming famous and being on the Oprah Winfrey Show. I’m not sure if that is going to happen, but at least we had a good laugh.”

Proud Terrace V. White and Daughter – Photo Courtesy of Terrace V. White

Terrace had the special privilege of being a step-father, or as he says, a “step-up father.” In this role, he helped raise and nurture his stepdaughter from a baby, to her college years, and still guides her throughout her career.”

Once I started reading his book, emotions took over as I felt the love of his parents, grandparents, and his role as a single parent raising his son and using techniques that can be useful in raising your child or grandchild for generations to come.

Proud Terrace V. White and Son – Photo Courtesy of Terrace V. White, May 1994

Here at Christmas time, Terrace couldn’t help but reflect on the times spent with his son and saying, “My son came to live with me permanently at the beginning of his Kindergarten school year. Although all Christmas holidays were special for us, it felt like Christmas every day because we had so much fun doing guy stuff, like assembling bicycles and playing sports (e.g., basketball, football, tennis and skateboarding, roller blading).”

Terrace V. White and son learning about life together – Photo Courtesy of Terrace V. White

Terrace was always involved in sports, so naturally he was able to teach his son. Veteran Terrace is always glad to reflect on his early basketball years in the military when he was a starting player at Mather Air Force Base, California (1985 – 1991) and winning the Air Training Command (ATC) Championship while my ladies’ team at Norton Air Force Base, California (1984 – 1988) were winning our Military Airlift Command (MAC) Basketball Championships.

Terrace “Terry” V. White (front row #14) and teammates being Mather Air Force Base, California Champions – Photo Courtesy of Terrace V. White
Renee Sudderth (front row #32) and teammates being Norton Air Force Base, California Champions (3x) – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Base team basketball was a comparison to our military jobs because we had to be a team on and off the court to be successful. We always remembered our military mission came first despite winning our basketball championships.

Both of us have retired from the United States Air Force but I couldn’t help asking, did “Master Sergeant Terrace White” use any of his military training when raising his son.

Terrace V. White’s son at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia Air Show – Photo Courtesy of Terrace V. White

Master Sergeant White replies, “Yes, I used my military training especially the overall discipline taught by the military as well as careful planning, staying focused, and always displaying a positive, “can-do” attitude to get things done.

As a single parent, you have to multi-task in order to handle the duties of your profession and the duties of parenthood. There is no calling in sick, no days off, no annual leave. As the head of the household, you are it and I would not change it for the world.”

I was very impressed with the way he juggled two roles as a military troop and single father. He wanted to write this book even though it started with a poem, a letter, and then the book to his children. Besides wanting to inspire his children and others, Terrace felt many young family members don’t know about their families because the older generations are reluctant to talk about some things.

Many time old family members die and so will their stories if they are never told.  Therefore, family members need to take time for one another and share your stories especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. If our ancestors didn’t share their stories, we would not have any “history”.

Best-Seller and had it’s Facebook Virtual Release Party September 24, 2020 – Angela Edwards, CEO & Chief Editorial Director; Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in Hard copy-Paperback or Kindle

Terrace V. White – Author

Terrace feels being a single parent was his assignment and very special because he is now able to share his story with others. We all have stories within ourselves.  He hopes to continue to be an inspiration and always remembers what his Big Mama once said, “How can I help someone?”.

Before his son left home to be on his own, Father, Terrace encouraged him with these words of wisdom, “Never give up, think positive and always believe in yourself even though sometimes you may have to separate yourself from friends when you are out in the streets. Talk to God first and believe. My grandparents kept me going by helping and influencing me, so I’m passing this on to you”.  And by reading his book, “Parenting Memoir: From the Heart of a Single Father!” whether in hard copy-paperback or kindle,  he is passing this on to many other sons, daughters and their parents.

Family – Father and Son Inspiring The World – Photo Courtesy of Terrace V. White
Mr. Terrace V. White – Veteran, Father, Author – Photo Courtesy of Terrace V. White

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