Cotton Fabric — Natural and Synthetic Fabrics for a Wonder in Home Decor

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Natural and synthetic fabrics for a wonder in home decor

Your home decoration deserves to be enchanting! (Just as you are!) It should have the power to lighten your mood instantly as you enter the space and even welcome your guests pleasantly. While you add lots of other ornamental accessories to perk up your interiors, have you tried fabric for added charm? Fabric adds texture and feel to the interiors and makes them look warmer and even homelier. 

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  • Some natural and synthetic fabrics you can select for your home décor!  

While you are exploring the fabric stores to select the ideal fabric for your home, you should remember to pick the ones which look enchanting and are even longer lasting. And if you are confused about whether natural or synthetic ones would serve the purpose, read about the various types of them and then pick your choice.

·         Cotton — Cotton is the best and most used natural fabric across the world in home décor. It is easy to dye and available in exclusive variants as well. What’s more? You will find cotton in impressive designs and colors that would look enchanting in any part of your home. These aren’t just presentable, but even long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean and maintain. You can get the best quality of cotton fabric for sale at All About Fabrics at reasonable rates and even in hundreds of variants. You can use it for your sofa covers, bed sheets, cushion covers, and even curtains. 

·         Linen — Linen is another natural fabric that consists of vegetable fiber. Its exquisite luster ensures a strong appeal in home décor. You don’t even have to worry about the stress of rigorous cleaning of linen material, as it doesn’t let stains stay for long. The only drawback to linen is that the wrinkles formed on this fabric make it look funny. (Linen is ideal for your table coverings and window drapes.)

·         Silk —Silk is a super gorgeous material that is 100% natural and sustainable fabric. Not just this, silk blends well in your home décor and makes it look elegant and classy. The decorative aspect being its biggest perk, silk stays breathable and is even easy to maintain if looked after regularly. The downside of silk is only its high expense. Silk is ideal for your drapes and even makes gorgeous throws and cushion covers.

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·         Wool — Wool is best for houses located in cold-weather places. The warm feeling of woolen makes it entirely comfortable for beddings and even floor rugs. But yes, it calls for severe regular cleaning as it absorbs dust mites and pollen. 

·         Rayon — Rayon is often used as an alternative or substitute for cotton. Just like cotton, rayon absorbs moisture and humidity. This is the prominent reason why you’ll find rayon mostly as window treatments. But remember, if the humidity level is more, the rayon shrinks rapidly. 

·         Nylon — Nylon is the top favorite fabric in almost all kinds of home décor. It has a unique charm and soft feel to it that almost makes it as stunning as silk. Nylon also doesn’t get stained easily and is super quick to clean and dry. What you’ll love most about nylon fabric is that you get all these benefits without investing much in it.

·         Polyester — Polyester is a staple yard consisting of various strands together. It is highly fade-resistant and relevant for places where the sun is scorching. You can use polyester fabric on your sofa set and even as curtains. The only downside of polyester remains its high maintenance and cleaning. 

These fabrics can take your decor by storm if you know to blend them perfectly with your styling. You can even mix-n-match the natural textiles with synthetic fabric, creating the perfect fusion in your house. In the end, remember, you are dependent on these fabrics for the distinct charm your interiors would exude, ensuring the designs and colors are adorable.


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