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Would you like your child to learn a second language? Or does your child show interest in another? With many dual language educational shows, and books, there are many options to choose from but if you are looking into Spanish, consider Ophelia’ Bilingual Readers which are simple reading lessons for prek-level. 

Founder, writer, and illustrator Janett Pulido Zizumbo who holds a Masters degree in Fine Arts, as an ESL Teacher with a TESOL certificate and an art background felt the strong desire to illustrate, write and create lessons to inspire people and encourage them to reach their goals in life. In Janett’s lessons, visual literacy is the basis for her teaching. “I find it natural to teach the language of image through the English and Spanish language. This method, along with total physical response (TPR), helps students have easier access exploring all the creative possibilities of learning a language.” she explains. “Designing functions as a cohesive element, ultimately, I hope my students will come away with a new understanding that will allow them to transfer what they have learned to a variety of mediums by giving them the tools to express their own ideas.”

And what is included in these reading lessons?

  • A story in Spanish and English
  • Reading comprehension questions in Spanish and English
  • Vocabulary
  • Writing portion
  • Coloring portion
  • Total of 7 pages

Janett’s bilingual readers conveys her artistic talent with bright and engaging illustrations. Her latest readers feature animals such as the kangaroo, and rainbow lorikeet native to Australia, inspired by a family trip a couple of years ago before the pandemic. I had the opportunity to try out one of the readers, El Diablito de Tasmania (The Tasmanian Devil) with my niece. The short story features a Tasmanian mother and her baby who doesn’t leave her alone. While my niece is familiar with Spanish, she is struggling with fluency. This story was great because as we read through the Spanish language portion, she could read the english portion right under to help with the comprehension. She admired the pictures and as we went through the questions at the end, it let me know how much of the story she grasped and she enjoyed coloring her own tasmanian devil. 

Give these books a try with your little readers this new year. While short, I do think they work to keep interest in the story. The pictures are beautiful and engaging and a wonderful way to learn a new language or practice fluency. Janett’s website also features short videos that reviews “The Word of the Day”, demonstrating the pronunciation of the particular word, such as “Chocolate” which I think is a nice enhancement. Janett says, “I think being able to teach bilingual students will allow me to grow as a teacher and view life in a different perspective based on the vastness of cultures in various beautiful countries. I look forward to teaching your child through enriched reading.”

Visit https://bilingualonlineteacher.com/ for readers and more information on Ophelia’s Bilingual Readers. Another reader is coming soon!

All Photos courtesy Janett Pulido Zizumbo

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