Summertime Tasting with Templeton Rye Whiskey

Templeton Whiskey
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Now that we are right In the midst of summer hot days, it is always great to cool off with a refreshing drink. I had the opportunity to do so at  Templeton Distillery’s kickoff to summer on with a preview of their new, limited-edition 2022 expression at Chicago Q. As “The Manhattan” is one of my favorite drinks, I was looking forward to trying these whiskeys. But first, a great cocktail to welcome us in. The “Templeton Rye Summer Smash” was a refreshing drink with a summer fruit taste to it. 

To accompany the tasting was a delicious BBQ smoked meal using Templeton’s Barrel Smoking Chips. Starting us off were fried green tomatoes with habanero ranch dressing and house smoked bacon cheddar hush puppies. The second course consisted of sliced brisket and pulled chicken with corn bread, house cut fries and buttermilk mashed potatoes as the sides. And last but not least, chocolate cake for dessert. Delectable, the smokey BBQ taste paired will with our spirit tasting of the evening.

Templeton Rye distillery manager, Blair Woodall led us through the Barrel Strength expression whiskey tasting for 2018, 2020, and the latest 2022. As with other spirits, Blair had us smell the whiskey before we tasted, and led a discussion on the notes we could smell, such as floral notes, toasted nuts. The tastes followed with that of pepper, cinnamon, and even honey. She further explained how differences ranging from the aging barrel, and climate gives these liquors its distinct flavors. I could taste how each was different, some smokier or sweeter than others. 

If you like whiskey or want to try a new cocktail,  try Templeton whiskey. There is one for everyone’s taste. And do not forget,  accompanied by delectable food is always a great plus.

Want to try the cocktail I had? Try the recipe below. Simply delicious. 

Templeton Rye Summer Smash 

2 oz. Templeton Rye 4 Year 

½ oz. Amaretto 

3-4 Blackberries 

1 ½ oz. Fresh Sour Mix

Lemon Twist & Rosemary Sprig, Garnish

Combine ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice and garnish.

About Templeton Rye

Templeton Rye Whiskey, introduced legally in 2006, tracks back to the early 1920s when residents of Templeton distilled a much sought-after rye whiskey. The whiskey today may be slightly different, but the entrepreneurial spirit remains true to Templeton’s roots. In 2017, Templeton Rye broke ground with a new distillery and officially opened to visitors in 2018. The first distillery run of 100% Iowa-made rye whiskey also took place in 2018 and will be available for consumption in 2022. All current Templeton Rye product available for sale currently has been distilled and aged in Indiana, with blending and bottling taking place at the Iowa distillery. Templeton Rye currently has two core expressions: 4-Year-Old and 6-Year-Old along with the limited edition releases of Barrel Strength Rye Whiskey and Maple Cask Finish.


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