Ice Karting Pop Experience – A Fun, Gliding Experience

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The Ice Karting Pop Up returned to Chicago this past July 22-24, 2022 at the Fifth Third Arena (Chicago Blackhawks Community Ice Arena). It was definitely a different experience karting on ice versus a paved road, including a rather enjoyable experience!

Everyone working at this experience was very accommodating with directions and answering questions. One of the organizers, Tenika Warren, greeted us at the check in table with a huge smile. 

The ice rink was chilly, which was a nice relief from the 85 degrees heat from outside. Lights were dimmed and instead the space provided special effects glow in the dark lighting. Energetic music played in the background, adding to the gym atmosphere.

Our assigned time slot for the ice karting (7:00-7:15pm) was right on time. There were helpful individuals inside the rink that gave my group safety tips on how to use the ice kart and navigate around the ice rink, including gliding, speed, turns, etc. Even if you are a newbie to this sport, I highly recommend trying it at least once!

The ice kart itself was very easy to use and navigate around the rink, though the seat for your back was a bit tight and uncomfortable. It felt like it would have fit a kid rather than an adult. I had never driven an ice kart before and it was exhilarating to glide my way around the ice rink, experimenting with various speeds and turns. 

Aim for the bullseye to win candy

The total time in the karts was barely 15 minutes, which we all thought was definitely not enough time to enjoy the overall experience. I wished it was been just a little longer, though I was thankful to get out of the small, tight seat. 

After the ice karting, it was time for fun and games out in the lobby, including ball darts (hit the bullseye and win candy), Jenga and checkers. There was also a bar for participants who wanted a post ice kart drink or cocktail. I also ran into a group of karting individuals who paid tribute to Mario Kart!

Event organizer, Tanika Warren and the Mario Kart crew

Overall, I definitely recommend this pop up the next time it hits Chicago, though I hope the experience next time will be longer than just 15 minutes (it is too much fun)!

Photos: Jennifer Lunz unless otherwise noted.

For more information on future ice karting pop up experiences, and other Hidden Media events coming to your hometown, please visit this link.


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