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Recently, a unique company was brought to the attention of Splash Magazines Worldwide. There are many varied ways in which this product can be helpful.  My Legacy Voice is a new service that captures and protects a speaker’s voice until a designated recipient wants to access a replica—a clone–made with AI technology. My Legacy Voice creates highly realistic voice clones with a combination of proprietary techniques, prompt engineering methods and licensed artificial intelligence programs. VoCapsule Founder and CEO Brock Daily says, “We understand a major problem for those who have lost someone they love. Nobody should ever say, ‘I wish I could hear their voice again.’”  My Legacy Voice, a new platform from VoCapsule, LLC that offers voice banking and legacy management, launched early access to their beta service.

My Legacy Voice has created a user-friendly platform specifically for new members to register, record, and store voice data that will train a voice clone in the future. When creating a membership, a speaker will add their trusted Primary Recipient—spouse, family member, lawyer, estate planner, and others—to oversee their voice in the event of death, vocal degradation or development of a neurological condition. Members can sign up and capture their voices from desktop, tablet, or mobile devices by visiting

Imagine a beloved grandparent always being able to read a bedtime story for a grandchild or someone able to address colleagues, students, and family members or the public in the later stages of ALS. Yakov Elizarov, Chief Revenue Officer for VoCapsule, brings years of experience in government contracting and business development. His network and capabilities enhance My Legacy Voice’s mission to expand their services to members of the military and first responders, “because every hero deserves a legacy,” he says. Members of these communities can sign up through My Legacy Voice to prepare a digital legacy for family and friends.

VoCapsule learned how to utilize multiple kinds of NLP (Natural Language Processing) programs, creating editing methods to influence these AI systems and manipulate results with prompt engineering and audio engineering to achieve highly realistic voice clones—and deliver 98-99% psychoacoustic accuracy (known as “realness”), a significant improvement over current percentages, taking in (and being able to modify) key attributes like cadence, flow, accent, tone, emotion, and elements of speech language pathology (phoneme, allophone, and grapheme analysis) in their tactics.

VoCapsule’s Chief Operating Officer John Greco has more than 35 years of experience with national leaders in technology such as Storage Technology (known today as Oracle) and DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Engineering. He also leads the VoCapsule’s audio engineering team to generate broadcast-quality audio for commercials, animations, and video games. Greco states, “Clone editors must possess multiple skill sets like understanding the basics of speech language pathology and audio engineering. It is important for them to know not only how the voice is created with AI, but also how to influence cadence to reflect a natural voice through the use of audio engineering software.”

One significant individual who’s adopting My Legacy Voice services is actor, rapper, entrepreneur—and iconic voice—Ice-T. VoCapsule’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Frank DiMaggio, connected VoCapsule with Ice-T to showcase their clone editing services. After listening to his clone, Ice-T’s initial reaction shows how powerful voice clones can be with proper editing: “I played my voice clone and my son didn’t even recognize it as not being real, and from that point on I’ve been all in.” Listen to Ice-T’s voice clone HERE.

Ice T Interview,Photographer: Rico Maui © Mirage Fotography, 2022

Ice-T is captivated by the opportunities VoCapsule offers celebrities and voice actors. “VoCapsule is going to be a game changer. I really see this as the future.” There’s a multitude of future applications for VoCapsule for celebrities and entertainment. VoCapsule is actively preparing for a not-too-distant future where a developer or producer could produce an animated film or video game with cloned voice talents. In regard to the future of VoCapsule and entertainment, DiMaggio states, “We identify iconic and recognizable voices; approaching them with the opportunity to expand their options and present new ways to add income using their clone as an extension of themselves and their voices.”

My Legacy Voice  is very significant in that it also supports those suffering from degenerative neurological diseases like ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Brock Daily, Founder and CEO, explains VoCapsule’s two charitable/educational projects, “We help store voices for early diagnosed ALS patients from Washington State University’s Gleason Institute for Neuroscience (Assistive Technology Center). We edit and deliver up to 400 assistive audio clone phrases that patients can use on their eye-tracking tablets. These phrases were developed for the company by Eastern Washington University’s Lindsay Williams and a team of student researchers. VoCapsule also designed and developed a smart home web-app that allows any eye-tracking device or browser to control an Alexa smart home through voice clone commands that say phrases like ‘Alexa, turn on the TV.’” VoCapsule also sent the Gleason Institute equipment for the smart home demo like Amazon Echos and Alexa enabled devices for people to try out the web app in their Assistive Technology Center.”

He continues, “We are honored to work with the founders of Matt’s Place Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on assistive living environments for those with ALS. They build special homes that accommodate persons with ALS and their families. The passion they express for helping their community inspires our team to help those affected by this neurological condition.”

The executive suite for VoCapsule includes Chief Executive Officer Brock Daily, Chief Operating Officer John Greco, and Chief Revenue Officer Yakov Elizarov. Frank DiMaggio, the Director of Talent Acquisition, leads VoCapsule’s celebrity and talent programs.

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Owing to the sensitive nature of voice cloning, VoCapsule implements several highly rigorous security protocols to protect personal information and audio data. The My Legacy Voice website uses server providers with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC, SOC 2, SOC 3, & PCI DSS Level 1 certifications. All AI programs used to facilitate clone generation have SOC 2 or higher certifications. What this means in colloquial terms is that VoCapsule’s high level of security certifications are well regarded (and well regulated) by third-party auditors to ensure the safety of user data and the proper management of member voice assets and information.

My Legacy Voice is currently offering early access to beta services at Memberships for early adopters start at $149 for voice storage and legacy management.

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