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Cast - ph9oto by Karli Cadel
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By Kathy Carpenter

Margie Mays as Jane – Nathaniel Dolquist as Tarzan – photo by Karli Cadel

“You have always been one of us.” — Kerchak. Moonlight Stage Productions presents “Tarzan,” The Stage Musical, based on the Disney movie. Adapted from the story “Tarzan of the Apes” by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the book is by David Henry Hwang, with music and lyrics by Phil Collins. It is directed by Jaimie Torcellini. Tarzan is a story about self-discovery, acceptance, and the power of love and family and Jungle magic! Where music meets nature.

Jacob Haren as Terk and Jad Marrewa as young Tarzan – photo by Karli Cadel

The story unfolds in the African jungle, opening with a bit of stage magic that provides Tarzan’s heartwarming background in one captivating glimpse through the song, “Two Worlds.” As we enjoy the cuteness of the apes dancing and tumbling about, we follow the journey of Tarzan, a human boy raised by gorillas after a tragic shipwreck claims his parents’ lives. As he grows up, Tarzan grapples with finding his place between the wild and untamed jungle he calls home and the mysterious world of humans when Jane, a spirited explorer, and her companions venture into the jungle.

Margie Mays as Jane – Nathaniel Dolquist as Tarzan – photo by Karli CadelMargie Mayes as Jane – NBathaniel Dolquis as Tarzan – photo by Karli Cadel

Fueled by curiosity and a yearning to discover his true identity, Tarzan forms a unique bond with Jane, transcending their differences and cultural barriers. Their connection becomes the heart of the story, exploring themes of love, acceptance, and the importance of family, whether human or gorilla.

The musical weaves a vibrant tapestry of emotions through unforgettable songs composed by Phil Collins, adding depth to the characters and evoking a powerful sense of adventure and wonder. With stunning set designs, mesmerizing choreography, and acrobatic aerial performances, the audience is transported to the heart of the jungle, witnessing Tarzan’s extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

Ron Christopher Jones as professor Porter and Margie Mays as Jane – photo by Karli Cadel

In the roles of Tarzan and Jane, Nathaniel Dolquist and Margie Mays deliver captivating performances, supported by a talented ensemble that dances their way into our hearts.

“Tarzan the Musical” soars to new heights with the incredible Flying Choreographer, Paul Rubin, whose artistry brings the essence of Tarzan to life. The flying sequences capture the wild and untamed spirit of the jungle, truly embodying Tarzan.

Kudos to Choreographer Ala Tiatria-Garaud for exceptional work in creating apelike dancing moves that brilliantly animate the gorilla characters. His choreography infuses the stage with energy and authenticity, immersing the audience in the jungle world with each graceful and powerful movement.

Jacob Heran as Terk – Photo by Carli Cadel

In summary, “Tarzan the Musical” offers a visually stunning theatrical experience appealing to audiences of all ages, reminding us of the power of belonging, embracing our differences, and the strength of the human spirit amidst the beauty and challenges of the natural world.

De Andre Simmons as Kerchak – photo by Karli Cadel


Moonlight Amphitheater

Thru August 5, 2023


42nd Street

August 18 – September 2, 2023


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