Home Design Leader Erica Bail Talks Décor Trends for 2024

Trends for 2024, photo courtesy of Graber
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A new year always brings with it a desire to refresh our lives, begin a new diet or fitness regime or otherwise whip ourselves and our environments into shape, and one of the main places we can do so is within the home.  Erica Bail, Creative Director at Graber, maker of custom window treatments, shares with us the top trends she sees on the horizon for their clients and in home decorating in general for 2024.

She was kind enough to share her top tips for adding these trends to your own spaces and answer a few of our questions about vital elements to create each style.

Erica’s first key trend is:

Feel-Good Spaces: A natural evolution of recent sanctuary and conservancy trends, the feel-good spaces trend centers on the belief that objects in the home should contribute to emotional health. Meaningful décor elements are meant to not only increase dopamine levels but also add purpose and joy. Consumers are evolving from creating sanctuaries to prioritizing me-first mentalities. Uncertainty (economic, job-related, health-related) is leading to prioritizing happiness and wellness, and the home is a place where consumers have control.

 Ways to try it at home:

o   Choose natural woven materials, worn surfaces, and purposeful patinas.

o   Cozy boucle is still on trend, along with other materials that provide warmth and comfort.

o   Make conscious design choices with meaningful objects and colors.

o   Design with pieces that cause the homeowner to feel joy.

o   Choose colors that include soft neutrals and patterns.

SPLASH: What is the one thing you would add to a space to give it an instant “feel-good” lift?

ERICA: Whether you install printed window shades, some accent wallpaper, or simply add a fun throw pillow, adding a fun print that makes you smile is a simple way to create a “feel-good” space.

New Retro: Still nostalgic at its core, this year, retro gets a facelift, becoming more vibrant and glam. Boho roots allow the new retro trend to continue celebrating hand craftsmanship and artistry, with a less hippy vibe. Organic materials brushed in modernized, archival colors encourage conversation under a brighter spotlight. The magnitude and velocity of change in the last several years have led to “future shock” for consumers. There’s a global feeling of being constantly behind, and a yearning to slow down time. The new retro trend plays into that yearning, with modernized visual cues from decades past.

 Ways to try it at home:

o   Celebrate hand craftsmanship and artistry.

o   Look for smoked glass, barware, conversational furniture arrangements, and organic materials (wood, stone).

o   Incorporate modernized archival colors (dusty mauve, muted avocado, burnt orange).

SPLASH: What are your top three New Retro items to give a home that comforting feel?

ERICA: The New Retro trend is all about modernizing visual cues from the past. Look for conversational furniture arrangements, smoked glass barware, and organic materials like wood, stone, and jute. Natural shades bring a touch of organic texture to a space – perfect for a New Retro room.

Luxe Minimalism: Clean, timeless, and forever painted in a neutral color palette, luxe minimalism takes the best of sometimes cold and industrial Scandinese design and softens it with cozy contours and subtle pops of color. Gold and brass accents and high-end touches help create singular, focal points that wow in a subdued room. Consumers are increasingly overstimulated with accelerating perceptions of time and the demands of life. This external stress has consumers yearning for calm, which plays into the luxe minimalism trend. There’s an idea that subtracting adds value, whether that’s subtracting anxiety and stress at work or subtracting visual clutter at home.

Ways to try it at home:

o   Utilize curves and contours to soften industrial materials.

o   Accent spaces with gold/brass and high-end touches.

o   Determine one focal element/wow moment.

o   Incorporate neutral colors with some subtle pops.

SPLASH:          What are some low-cost luxe items that can add that bit of glam?

ERICA: Focus on simplicity if Luxe Minimalism is the look you’re going for. A simple color palette with metallic accents is an easy way to achieve this. Try swapping out a wall sconce or painting chair legs in brass or copper.

Expect to see more of these trends to come in 2024, and thanks to Erica for her easy-to-implement steps to get them at home.

Images provided by Graber; Julia Kuzenkov, Minh Pham and Andrew Spencer from Unsplash.


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