LA ART SHOW 2024 to Explore the Intersection of Memory, Humanity, and AI

Warriors by Guillermo Bert, Nevada Museum of Art
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Get ready for the art extravaganza of the year as the LA Art Show makes its triumphant return to the expansive Los Angeles Convention Center from February 14-18, igniting the city’s 2024 art season in a blaze of creativity and glamour. This year’s show is set to enchant all visitors with a diverse range of offerings, featuring over 120 galleries, museums, and non-profit arts organizations from around the world. The global showcase will span painting, sculpture, works on paper, installation, photography, design, video, and performance art.

Plan for an unforgettable experience starting with an Opening Night Premiere Party on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, with an appearance by the award-winning actress Lucy Hale as the official host. This spectacular soirée will be in collaboration with the American Heart Association’s Life is Why ™ campaign, where 15% of all ticket proceeds will be directed, making this show one with a heartwarming and impactful cause. The American Heart Association, founded in 1924 by six cardiologists, is in its centennial year and continues to be a relentless force dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Tickets to the show and opening night can be found here.

Moon Under Virgo Bay – Virgohamna, Danskøya, Svalbard by Osceola Refetoff, Guillermo Anselmo Vezzosi in collaboration with Dr. Eric Larour, Supervisor: NASA’s Sea Level and Ice Group JPL, MOAH Museum

Through esteemed director and producer, Kassandra Voyagis, the LA Art Show 2024 pledges an extraordinary and diverse showcase of international exhibitors hailing from the Philippines, Italy, Israel, Peru South Korea in a profound commitment art on a global scale within a local context. Kassandra underscores her intention to foster essential dialogues that transcend borders and backgrounds, echoing the belief that art has the power to connect and unite us in a shared human experience. “With over 100 galleries, museums and nonprofits exhibiting this year, we continue our commitment to creating the most comprehensive contemporary art experience possible” says Voyagis. “This year’s show will celebrate art—globally and locally—and inspire important dialogue.”

Embers at Dusk by Laurence Jones, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

The LA Art Show’s non-commercial platform DIVERSEartLA will be curated by Marisa Caichiolo, with an emphasis on intellectual stimulation and sympathetic dialogue. This exploration of the interplay between memory, humanity, and AI will provide a nuanced yet thought-provoking experience for the discerning art enthusiast. Caichiolo explains that the works in DIVERSEartLA will invite viewers to consider opportunities and challenges presented by AI while congruously raising ethical questions on the social implications of relying on AI as a tool for memory and identity. The 2024 program will showcase solo projects from seven top international art institutions. Here is a synopsis of what those will be covering:

  • Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) will unveil “Repairing the Future” by Osceola Refetoff, an innovative multimedia exhibition delving into global sea level rise through an immersive audio-visual projection featuring Refetoff’s 8-minute film, “Sea of Change,” shot near the North Pole in Svalbard, Norway. Enhanced by NASA satellite imagery and AI-generated animation, the exhibition envisions unsettling future climate scenarios. Award-winning composer Paul Cantelon contributes an original soundtrack, while artists Kaye Freeman and Amy Kaps from Hibiscus TV will deliver a performance on February 17.
  • Nevada Museum of Art will present “The Journey” by Guillermo Bert, curated by Vivian Zavataro, in an exquisite installation comprising 20 intricately detailed, life-sized wood sculptures portraying real immigrants working on the frontlines. Bert’s multimedia exploration seamlessly weaves ancient traditions and modern technology, crafting narratives on identity, human memory, immigration, culture, and humanity.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá will feature “Mythstories” by multimedia artist Carlos Castro Arias, curated by Gustavo Adolfo Ortiz Serrano. This experimental work delves into myth, history, and AI, offering a profound exploration of individual and collective identity through medieval tapestry aesthetics and intertwining anachronisms recontextualizing bound objects that forge connections across times and cultures.
  • MUSA Museum of Art, University of Guadalajara, Grodman Legacy, and Guadalajara Foundation (Mexico) will unveil ‘Fake Memory of a True Past,’ curated by Moises Schiaffino. This project examines the use of artificial intelligence to construct a historical archive through video installation, juxtaposing human and AI perspectives while visually comparing preserved human memory with algorithmically generated AI memory.
  • AAL Museum in Santiago, Chile, will showcase “Be Water,” an immersive visual narrative by contemporary artist Antuan. The installation features the Human Net, a geometric structure symbolizing the universe’s symmetry, conveying humanity’s urgent need to address the global water crisis. Antuan emphasizes the essential collaboration between humanity and AI to forge a new network of human consciousness.
  • Raubtier & Unicus Productions Los Angeles will present “Bridging Emotional and Digital Landscapes,” exploring the intersection of human emotion and advanced technology to create a digital mural of individual and collective experiences. The audience can engage with a touchscreen interface to input words or phrases that resonate with their memories. Through the utilization of AI-driven word-to-image conversion, tangible printing, and large-scale projections, the evolving correlation between personal memories and their emotional and physical manifestations will be revealed.
  • Red Line Contemporary Art Center of Denver, Colorado will present Laleh Mehran‘s Entropic Systems, an immersive installation considering the politicization of ideologies. In this work, a drawing machine inscribes a sort of memory into the mineral bed, much like a rudimentary hard drive. Each day the past is erased, but at the same time, the grains will never sit the same again, containing remains of history, much like the way that AI is trained with billions of words and yet “remembers” none of them.
Artist Dain Yoon paints on her own skin

Other offerings include the LP Gallery from South Korea which will feature renowned artist Dain Yoon known for painting on her own skin to create surreal self-portraits that often trick the eye with detailed 3D shading. Dain Yoon’s pieces are profound yet playful, reflecting her emotional states and the complexity of identity. Now living in the U.S., her work showcases a creative evolution from processing the challenges she faced as a young woman in South Korea to embracing a more stable, confident persona in her new environment.

Amalgamate by Klari Reis, Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Timing with Black History Month, the Tanya Weddemire Gallery is set to exhibit the incredible talents of four pioneering black artists, exploring a range of themes, including identity, culture, and resilience: Guy Stanley PhilocheGive Us Our Flowers“, Serron GreenInvisible“, Gregory Saint AmandPlay Time” and O’Neil ScottDistant Memories“.

Fabrik Projects Gallery in Los Angeles welcomes ‘The Soul of Your City’ exhibition, the culmination of a global photography competition aimed at capturing the hidden spirit and true identity of cities through the lenses of local photographers. ‘The Soul of Your City’ competition was born out of a desire to explore and reveal the unseen aspects of urban living and winning works will be on view.

Cross Section of Start 2023 by Choi Seung-Yoon

Another exhibition highlight will be the Young Masters Art Prize, presented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, representing an international initiative committed to supporting emerging talents from diverse backgrounds. Select artists from six editions will be featured at this year’s LA Art Show, in a unique showcase that stands out for its cultural diversity and strong representation of female-identifying artists with 75% of applicants fitting this category.

Camouflage by Nemo Jantzen

And in a new collaboration, the LA Art Show, Expanded Learning (EXL) and Athletes for Life (AFL) Foundation is launching the Southern California Art “n” the Schools Art Contest, inviting SoCal students to submit their artwork. Founded by former NFL running back Greg Bell, Athletes for Life has been providing leadership programs to youth since 1989. Winning artwork will be displayed in a special sponsors’ lounge, along with works from Greg Bell’s art collection.

The House of the Soul by Inran Hwang, Diverso Art Gallery

The vision for the 2024 LA Art Show provides a platform not only for artistic expression but also for the cultivation of empathy, understanding, and the recognition of the profound impact art can have on our interconnected world. This is more than an exhibition; it’s a testament to the transformative potential of art to weave threads of connection and honor the diverse narratives that make our global community truly extraordinary.

Individual Ceramics (Eye Series) by Myung Nam An, Cube Gallery

Join us for a week-long celebration of creativity, passion, and philanthropy at the LA Art Show – where art meets heart in a dazzling display of creativity that promises to create memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss out – mark your calendar and be part of the art frenzy!

All images provided by the LA Art Show 2024 (Courtesy of Emma Haber)


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