“The Night Auditor” is a Raucous, Sexually Charged Romp with a Heart

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Roger Mathey’s current theatrical production, THE NIGHT AUDITOR, details the goings on at a Los Angeles hotel. The action takes place in the lobby. The story concerns Ray (played by Mathey) as he contemplates his life while working the night shift. Calling himself a failed writer, Ray feels he is wasting his life and doesn’t know how to fix it. Getting older without finding the success that has eluded him, Ray tries his best to stay civil to his co-workers and hotel guests as he faces what is a less-than-promising future.

Ray’s main ally is another hotel worker, Jack, (Christian Sanders) a low-key, wanna-be actor who has also given up on the dream and is moving to Portland with $4000.00 of ill-gotten cash. Jack tries to convince Ray to join him, but first the pair need to make it through the night. And what a night it is. Ray is bombarded with stress, drama and comedy as a parade of losers check in and out of the hotel.

Libby Letlow as “Evangelyna” in “The Night Auditor” – Photo by Anna Blake

Among them are Mr. Watt, an Australian sex toy salesman; Sunflower, a frisky homeless woman who volunteers to test those toys in return for a place to stay; Carrie, a famous porn star; and Tourette sufferer, Mrs. Turing who wonders in and out of the action sprouting obscenities. Even Avengelyna (in a nod to Los Angeles icon, Angelyne) pops in to spice up the action.

The cast steps up to infuse the show with energy and humor. Some of the stand-out performances here include Faith Lavon as Khandi, Josh Evans who plays Kyle, Julia Stansbury in a hilarious turn as Mrs. Turing, Martin Berishaj who makes a confident appearance as Eddy, Bret McGlew as Julius and Libby Letlow who is spot on as Evangelyna.

Ben Wilson, Isaac Deakyne, Rocky Lane in “The Night Auditor” – Photo by: Anna Blake

Mathey, who not only stars but also wrote, produced and directed, shares stories he witnessed while working at a 3-star hotel in Los Angeles. In the printed program he also bravely opens up about his own highs and lows, informing us that due to a recently diagnosed degenerative disease, this will be his last production.

“I wanted to go out in a good way,” says Mathey, “with a show I have written, directed and acted in. A show about something personal and in the memory of a lost friend, bringing together a cast and crew of people I have worked with over the years and getting a chance to work with them one more time.”

Christian Sanders, Roger Mathey and Cait Bidwell in “The Night Auditor” – Photo by: Anna Blake

While the character of Ray is that of a failed writer, Mathey himself is anything but. He has been in the theater world for 45 years. He has run his own production company, “seat of your pants Productions”. He has been involved in over 200 plays as a playwright, designer, producer, director and actor. He won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle award as well as an L.A. Weekly Theater Award for his work on “Trainspotting.” Mathey’s legend looms large, his body of work memorable.

“The Night Auditor” hits you like a speeding bullet. It speaks from the heart as it pays tribute to all those who came to L.A. with a dream. While there are plenty of laughs there is also poignancy and heartbreak just below the surface. It’s a production that is well worth checking out.

Where: Madnani Theatre, 6760 Lexington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.

Tickets: $25 at www.thenightauditor.com – or cash at the door.

When: May 3 – 26, Fridays and Saturday at 8pm, Sundays at 4pm.


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