State 48 Brewery – Beer and Baseball, a Match Made in Arizona

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Beer has become, well so much more than just beer. People expect not only great beer, but now they want an experience to go with their beer. State 48 Brewery has brought it all together, a seemingly endless lineup of great beers, restaurants that can entice you with food, regardless of how much you love beer and they bring a cold one to spring training as well.

While State 48 has a lot going on with their multiple locations, the brewery part of the name that will not only bring in the fans of beer, but the quality and flavors will keep them coming back. Head brewer Chuck Croix produces so many new beers you might feel like you have a new beer to try on every visit. You might think with the growth in restaurants and number of beers that you might run into a few beers that might not be up to standard. That is not the case with Chuck and State 48.

You can begin with a bit more tame of a beer in the Mango Wheat. Generally a fun and light beer that is perfect for a baseball game, but Chuck really created what is the best Mango Wheat I have had to date. The freshness of the mango really pops, but it keeps that natural sweetness and doesn’t go over the top. You really get a fresh, clean and crisp beer with just enough Mango to know it is there. That is just the beginning, from there you can step up to the Big Stick Double IPA that really lives up to the name. This beer is super hoppy and comes in at 10% ABV, so drink this one slowly and enjoy all of the flavor in each sip.

The darker beers really bring the flavor, as you can try the Graham Cracker Porter, which isbrewed with Tahitian vanilla beans, local Arizona honey, cinnamon and organic molasses. The stouts are equally tasty with the US-60 Stout, an Oatmeal version that combines the flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate very nicely. If you want a beer that really packs the flavor, a great one to slowly enjoy is the AK-48 Russian Imperial Stout, very dark and very roasty, this one comes in at 10% ABV.

State 48 Lager House (Courtesy State 48)

You can visit any of the State 48 Brewery locations for their incredible beer, but don’t think that is all they have to offer. They have done their best to make sure their menu is just as good as their beer.

The State 48 Surprise location takes advantage of their incredible pizza oven, creating Neapolitan style pizza which incorporates Lost Dutchman
Golden Ale into the dough and they also make their mozzarella fresh in house. The pizzas come out beautiful and with your choice of countless fresh ingredients. I will say the gluten-free version was not up to the same quality as their regular crust and didn’t quite seem to cook as evenly. The boss pizza is without question the pizza to try as it is loaded with ground italian sausage, pepperoni, meatball, bell peppers and mushrooms.

State 48 Pizza

The starters menu is enough to keep anyone or any group occupied with food for an afternoon, evening or 9 innings. The chef’s board is a fantastic way to start things off as you can a wonderful assortment of cheeses along with pickled veggies, seasonal jams and their tasty in house made beer mustard. Totchos are a great twist on nachos as they use crispy tater tots smothered in beer cheese and then they load that up with pico de gallo, beans, bacon and pickled jalapenos. Two other must try items are the fried brussels sprouts and the shrimp ceviche stuff avocado.

For the entrees your selections go well beyond typical bar fare. You can go with fish & chips, salmon, steak, jambalaya or a keto friendly chicken risotto that has a cauliflower risotto as the focal point of the dish.

For Spring Training, State 48 is really the only name you need to know as they have four locations that are each within a five minute drive to a Spring Training facility.

In addition to visiting one of the local State 48 locations, Surprise Stadium will be hosting a total of 31 games this season and they will have a selection of craft brews available for purchase from State 48 Brewery.

If you love beer and baseball, State 48 was made for you. But honestly State 48 was made for everyone. Not just the beer connoisseur, but the foodie in your group or just anyone who is looking to have a fun experience.

For more information, visit: State 48 Brewery


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