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John Seibert, Jacque Wilke, Natalie Storrs, and Msx Macke photo by Aaron Rumley
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By Kathy Carpenter

North Coast Repertory Theatre Presents the West Coast Premiere of “The Outsider”, written by Paul Slade Smith. The funniest show I’ve seen in years “Ingeniously creative .” Smith’s plays are  must-see shows. I haven’t laughed this hard since watching “Unnecessary Force,” also written by Smith. Unnecessary Force, garnered nine regional awards. If you are looking for funny Smith delivers show that tickle your ribs.

L – R Shana Wride, Christopher Williams, Louis Lotorto, John Seibert, and Jacque Wilke = photo by Aaron Rumley

Director Davis Ellenstein reads a lot of plays few make him laugh out loud repeatedly. After reading The Outsider he knew this was a must for North Coast Repertory Theater. Originally performed in 2015 he had to wait five years but it is worth the wait

John Seibert as Govener – photo by Aaron Rumley

Set in the present – when the governor of a small state is forced out of office due to a sex scandal Ned Newley Lieutenant Governor is forced to take over.  Normally the job description for Lieutenant Governor is to do nothing. In Newley’s case he was the brains behind the Governor. The real Governor was a face that took all the credit. Newley was happy in the background. He can not even speak at the swearing in ceremony. Five minutes of a shaking, pale looking, speechless Newley. With social media and a post to Facebook everyone watched. Including Arthur Vance a CNN biggie in the political scene.

John Seibert and Louis Lotorto – photo by Aaron Rumley

The original Governor’s staff also fired having lied along side the Governor. That leaves Chief of Staff for Newley alone. He immediately hires Paige a pollster who knows the number, whom he has worked with previously. He then calls a temp agency. Louise Peaks is the temp. She is a temp with a loud personalty and no clue about anything else. The other characters include a television reporter and her cameraman.

Vance wants to work with Newley figuring he is a clean slate, a simple man people can get behind. Newly has a brain but must be convinced to be a simple man and go before the camera so he can stay in office and make a difference. Dave the Chief of Staff does not like Vance’s whole strategy. Who will win? You most definitely if you come out.

Christopher M. Williams, Jacque Wilke and John Seibert – photo by Aaron Rumley

Stand outs in this Political satire, John Seibert as Ned Newley. His debut with North County Rep, and you could not ask for a better straight man. Louis Lotorto, playing Vince Vance, so real, and the amazing Jacque Wilke. as Louise the temp, so perfect Shana Wride, plays Paige, working all the numbers, winning everyone over. Christopher M. Williams, the fabulous Dave, everyone knows a Dave. Natalie Storrs as the reporter and Max Mackle as A.C., the cameraman, who has his own flare for making us laugh.

“Politics” stop you.

The Outsider

Feb, 2 – March 22, 2020

North Coast Repertory Theater

987 Loma Santa Fe. Drive Suite D

Solana Beach


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