National Watermelon Day

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​HI-CHEW​​, the immensely fruity, intensely chewy candy and New York City-based The Doughnut Project have teamed up for National Watermelon Day (August 3rd) to celebrate America’s favorite summer fruit (and HI-CHEW fan-favorite) with the creation of a one-of-a-kind doughnut: the ​Watermelon Sugar HI-(CHEW)!

This exciting collaboration is a unique way to honor nostalgic summer moments and the beloved fruit on National Watermelon Day. Taking inspiration from ​HI-CHEW™ Watermelon​,the limited-edition doughnut brings to life the satisfyingly sweet taste of the summer staple with a subtle sour twist. The Watermelon Sugar HI-(CHEW) doughnut features a candy shell glaze infused with​​HI-CHEW™ Watermelon, which nods to the chewy texture HI-CHEW™fanatics love and unveils a true-to-life fruit flavor with a slight puckering effect. Within, the filling consists of a luscious watermelon lime cream to mimic the layered colors and taste of the HI-CHEW™ Watermelon chew. Each mouthwatering bite provides a burst of citrus and sweetness for the ultimate treat.To celebrate National Watermelon Day, the doughnut creation will be available for a limited time, ​Thursday, July 30 – Sunday, August 2 at The Doughnut Project’s West Village location

The first 100 customers to purchase a Watermelon Sugar HI-(CHEW) doughnut will receive a free HI-CHEW™ Watermelon stick.

“HI-CHEW™ Watermelon has become a fan-favorite since launching in the U.S. last year, available in the Sweet & Sour mix as well as our individual stick format,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “In honor of National Watermelon Day, we w anted to highlight the go-to summer fruit and HI-CHEW flavor in a unique and surprising way.We’re thrilled to partner with The Doughnut Project, who created a delectable and unconventional doughnut infused with HI-CHEW™ Watermelon.”HI-CHEW™ is constantly experimenting with diverse techniques and developing new flavors to expand its growing portfolio. With nearly 1 billion pieces of HI-CHEW enjoyed each year,consumers can’t get enough of the fruity-chewy candy brand. Similarly, The Doughnut Project is well known for their small-batch, innovative creations and playing with unique flavor combinations. Established in 2015, it’s become the home to sweet treats inspired by fresh,seasonal, savory, and even cocktail flavors.

HI-CHEW x The Doughnut Project

Celebrate National Watermelon Day (Mon, Aug 3rd) by saying goodbye to your traditional sangria and hello to the new 1800 Tequila Silver Summer Sangria.  Sip on this light and fresh cocktail featuring 1800 Silver, watermelon and rosé.  A great tequila at a great price, 1800 Silver is available for $34 at

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1800 Silver Summer Sangria

1 oz 1800 Silver

3 oz rosé

.25 oz fresh lime juice

.5 oz simple syrup

3 cubes watermelon

Muddle watermelon, shake and strain over ice cubes in a stemless wine glass. Top with rosé and stir gently to combine. Garnish with cucumber-wrapped inner glass and watermelon slice. 


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