Brothas Speak! Review – Words from the Heart

King Cassius in "Brothas Speak!" - Photo courtesy of Whitefire Theatre
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Whether in plain words, poetry, or song, BROTHAS SPEAK! tells the story as these talented guys see it – straight from the heart. Curated and hosted by Juliette Jeffers, BROTHERS SPEAK! doesn’t miss a trick in exploring events very much in the public eye at this very moment: What is America’s view on race in 2020?

Reverend Leon Campbell – Photo courtesy of Whitefire Theatre

Singer Reverend Leon Campbell has been the director of the Agape Youth and Family Ministry since November 2004. He has been singing since he was 12 years old in churches throughout Chicago, with a career spanning 30 years. He may be an older-timer, but his potent and formidable words remain forever young and unquestionably relevant to all generations. His liquid voice proved to be his gift to the audience.

Charles Reese – Photo courtesy of Whitefire Theatre

Poet/actor Charles Reese gives a poignant, gripping view about what it’s like to be black in today’s world. An Artist in Residence for the James Baldwin Writers’ Colony at Emerson College European Center – Kasteel Well in the Netherlands, Charles has been praised for his acting chops – as well as for his co-authorship of the book adaptation of “James Baldwin: A Soul on Fire.” Charles likens America’s history of slavery to a virus – and one that hasn’t been fully eradicated even after the U.S. Civil War. Passion and commitment mark his powerful words.

Markhum Who? – Photo courtesy of Whitefire Theatre

Poet Markhum Who? asks some powerful questions – questions like What is Man? and, perhaps more importantly, What is Black Man? Talented Who? had engaged in a fascinating host of careers – actor/writer/director/producer/poet/ comedian/substitute teacher/ museum curator/Lyft and Uber driver – all in pursuit of examining some very basic inquiries about life and what it all means. Even asking if Elvis might be at the root of it all. Find out why he doesn’t celebrate the Fourth of July.

Jason A. Benefield – Photo courtesy of Whitefire Theatre

Poet Jason A. Benefield has an A.A. degree in business and music and has turned his talents to writing and producing music – and currently is in his second year of becoming a licensed Spiritual Practitioner. His commanding and influential words are turned on his African-American peers as he asks them to stop hurting themselves and their neighborhoods and instead work on becoming the best that they can be.

Kito Fortune – Photo courtesy of Whitefire Theatre

Poet Kito Fortune  started his career in Trinidad and has continued broadcasting his message in the U.S. He dedicates his writing to the education and uplifting of young black men by sharing his own life-altering experiences. To that end, he works with the New Earth Organization getting his message out to young people in jail, where he teaches poetry, hip hop, and music.

Only 19 years old, rapper King Cassius is a rising sophomore at NYU’s Clive Davis School of Music. His music has already been featured in television shows, and his songs equate to more than one million streams. From his perspective, he certainly “tells it like it is.”

BROTHAS SPEAK! live streamed at 7 p.m. (PST) on Saturday, 9/26/20, from the Whitefire Theatre and will remain on demand until 9/28/20. Tickets are $15.99 with an 87-cent surcharge. For more information and tickets, call the Whitefire Theatre at 818-687-8559 or go online.


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