Diversion Amusements Review – Special Place to Watch Golden Knights Hockey – and More – in Las Vegas

All Inclusive Evening with Food, Drinks, and Hockey

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So you want to watch a Vegas Golden Knights home game and enjoy a game day experience. But nearly all home games are sold out and tickets at the reseller outlets could cost over $500. Here’s a great alternative – You could enjoy the game at Diversion Amusements along with other enthusiastic fans expressing themselves as the play unfolds.

Diversion Amusements is a 10,000 square foot space located less than a mile from Allegiant Stadium and one and one half miles from the Las Vegas Strip.

You can enjoy the action on a giant 22 foot viewing screen or numerous large TVs. Before, after, and even during the game, there are more than 40 pinball machines and other amusement games to catch your attention. And no quarters are needed. Guests are treated to a seven course small bite meal during the game.

My husband Burt and I recently watched a Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) game at Diversion Amusements and had a great evening. We arrived well before the game with plenty of time to check out and play some of the various pinball machines.





The venue has quite a collection. I especially enjoyed playing the Terminator and Creature from the Black Lagoon machines, while the wife enjoyed The Star Wars game. It was neat being able to keep playing without continually feeding quarters into the machine.

We came to watch the hockey game in the company of other fans. We didn’t know them, but we had a common bond and that was the highlight of the evening. We watched the basic television feed with some modifications. Commercials were muted and replaced with music appropriate for hockey fans.

Watching on the giant screen was like being at the game. I was able to watch the puck movement and follow the action. Horns were sounded and explosive steam was released when the Knights scored. We watched the Knights win in overtime and loved it when the room was filled with horns and the sound of releasing steam and the sounds of happy fans.

Food and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages were brought to our table throughout the game. We were treated to a multi-course chef’s tasing seven course Asian meal.


It started with a sushi platter and ended with a delightful Pina Colada flavored cookie. Flavored shrimp as well as salad and pork skewers were included. It seemed like the food just kept on arriving via pleasant servers.

The venue has a full service bar and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

The viewing package is $79.99 per person including taxes and fees. Guests can save $30 per ticket with a special offer code – GET30OFF  – when purchasing their tickets online. Prepay tickets and select seats at Diversion Amusements.  All Covid protocols are observed,

Brad Burdsall

But wait – there’s more. According to business owner and restaurateur Brad Burdsall, the venue is also able to handle a variety of corporate events. The stage is set up to accommodate a band or standup speakers. I suspect it will be hosting pre and post game parties once the Las Vegas Raiders begin play this autumn. For more information, check out  Diversion Amusements.

Photos by Dianne Davis or Burt Davis


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