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The worldwide, or at least nearly worldwide, response to COVID-19 has stopped a great deal of pleasurable activities all around the world. This has caused a whole lot of pain to a whole lot of people but none more so than the good folks in the travel industry. Airlines have been offering previously unheard of airfare discounts because after all some money coming in is much better than no money coming in. But now the cruise lines are all getting in the game offering great prices and other deals such as open bars and significant rate discounts to encourage the reemergence of cruising post COVID. And what could be more pleasing and refreshing right now than taking a nice cruise to the Caribbean or Mediterranean or down the west coast to one or more of the many fascinating ports of call in Mexico.


With the COVID-19 pandemic finally showing signs of getting better, the cruise lines are finally getting back to work and most are offering truly spceial deals to welcome back paying customers. Also note that at least as for now all passengers on most if not all cruise ships will have to be tested before boarding. There is also a chance that conditions may go in an unwanted direction and some of the scheduled departures, some as early as this coming May,, might not happen. If so the cruise lines will refund any and all payments made or offer to reapply the money paid to a future cruise. And here is one kick in the chops and that is, as for now, all cruise lines do still require that all passengers wear masks while on board and not in their cabin. The wear a mask requirement is also in full effect in most if not all ports of call so if that bothers you it is best you stay home at least for now. Yes, of course, do check back in from time to time because things do change sometimes even for the better.


Please also note that I am working on putting together one or more very special cruising tour groups for later this year and/or early 2022. Group members will enjoy rates below those published and will also have some very special treats not offered to the passengers at large.

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Should you have an interest please let me know with a short email to bu**********@gm***.com and I absolutely GUARANTEE that none of your personal information will be shared with anyone unless and until you specifically chose to join a group, And just to be abundantly clear merely requesting further information in no way whatsoever obligates anyone and your personal information will never be shared with anyone. All I ask is your name(s) and contact information and your cruise preferences. When the right match happens you will be notified and that’s it unless and until you chose to move forward.

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All photos: Courtesy of Ron Irwin


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